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New Frog Blog for October 2014: A Visible Choice

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The Little Red Frog just won an honorable mention in the 2012 New England Book Festival in the children’s book category.

 Little Red Frog cover

Originally a bedtime story, The Little Red Frog is a heartfelt exploration of what it feels like to be different. In this children’s picture book, the little red frog moves from simply being aware of her unusual color to taking drastic measures to try to change her appearance. The perspective she gains along the way paints a picture of the road to self- acceptance that is all at once individual and universal. This flowing poetic story envelops readers of all ages in a vibrant world where the rhythm of a single character calls each of us to remember the beauty of our own uniqueness.

The Little Red Frog asks these questions:

Why am I different?  And what can I do to fit in?

Will changing her color help her fit in?  Will it make her happier?

Come follow the Little Red Frog as she tries desperately to match the green-frog world around her, only to discover what she may lose if she succeeds.

The Little Red Frog was published by Grey Gate Media, LLC in Concord, New Hampshire. For more information, visit:

Our book is now available online at:


To get a copy signed by the Author or to request a book reading, please contact us using the contact form provided on this website.